Ashtanga Lite

Ashtanga Lite is a simplified version of the Ashtanga Primary Series. 

Ensuring correct alignment with helpful modifications we learn to use our breath to enhance the flow of the whole practice and also the energetics within each pose.

Ashtanga Lite combines the very best of the true Ashtanga primary series traditions as taught by Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor and the energetic Liquid Flow Vinyasa of Simon Park. 

Classes follow the Ashtanga format of a series of poses but with time taken each class to explore certain poses and flows in more depth.

Everyone is an individual and so their practice is unique and individual to them, Ashtanga Lite is an hour long class easily accessible for the beginner practitioner or a opportunity for the more experienced yogi to deepen their practice. 

As this practice is pieced together so it will become a flow and allow us to release the mind and body into a wonderfully moving meditative state. 

We will find that strength and flexibility that may be you are struggling with but we will also find a new fluidity, balance and calmness.

I have been so fortunate and honoured to worked with some of the best teachers and mentors having completed my RYS yoga teacher training with Simon Park “Liquid Flow Yoga” and then furthered my studies with Gwyn Williams “Zenthai Shiatsu Flow” and Richard Freeman “Ashtanga Yoga”. I blend the traditional with fluidity and creativity focusing on a deeper energetic connection.