With a background in Yoga and Mindfulness, Viviane has extensive experience teaching teens and adult patients in mental health hospitals across London. 
Viviane’s qualification is with the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, in Reading. Her style of acupuncture is Five element acupuncture integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine and she believes that her integrated style of treatment is a robust way of treating patients both emotionally and physically. Techniques such as moxibustion, electroacupuncture, auricular and cupping are all used in her practice to enhance the efficacy of treatment and promote recovery to good health and well being.
Viviane is a member of the British acupuncture council, follows high standards of professional conduct and safe practice and regularly updates her skills by attending ongoing professional development events.
For further information and to make bookings please phone Viviane on 07599641044 or contact via
Viviane is at Jordans courtyard Wednesdays from 9.15 to 14:30.
The initial consultation takes one and a quarter hours, £60
Follow up consultations 45 minutes £55