Behypnotherapy at Jordans Courtyard

I am delighted to offer hypnotherapy at Jordans Courtyard as an addition to the wide range of therapies available there. To me, the Courtyard has a special, positive feel and an atmosphere that really promotes wellness, in both us as practitioners and our clients. You can feel this from the moment you walk in.

About hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has a long history of helping people with a wide range of common problems. In simple terms, it can be thought of as talking therapy plus hypnosis (also called trance).  It is completely safe, caring, forward-looking and bound by modern professional standards.

From my own experience of receiving and providing hypnotherapy, it seems to have a miraculous side and an ordinary side – all at the same time. How can that be?

The miraculous side relates to the astonishing power of our own mind to help us make changes that we previously thought were too difficult and how quickly people can make changes and start to feel back on top, sometimes from a very low starting point.

The ordinary part is that, unlike the entertaining hypnotists on the television, we can’t actually hypnotise people and make them do things that they would not want to do. Instead, we use guided instruction and certain techniques which allows the person to become extremely calm and deeply relaxed. In this state, free from the usual demands of life, people become much more aware of how they want their life to be and how they can take steps towards this.

One of the main things we measure during therapy is your sense of happiness.

Why not come and find our more during an Initial Consultation?
This will give us an opportunity to understand together what you would like help with and whether hypnotherapy is right for you. These sessions involve a detailed history of the problems you have been facing and talking through your therapy goals. We also explain how how strong emotions and habits are formed and talk through what hypnotherapy and hypnosis involves and how they work. Initial consultations are £30.

This will give us an opportunity to understand together what you would like help with and whether hypnotherapy is right for you.

Hypnotherapy can help adults, young people and children (over about 8 years old) to:

  • Boost their confidence
  • Change unhelpful habits
  • Control phobias and fears
  • Have a healthy relationship with food
  • Improve sports performance
  • Lift depression or low mood
  • Live better with chronic pain
  • Manage alcohol use
  • Reduce anxiety, stress or worry
  • Sleep better, feel better
  • Stop smoking, stop vaping


  • Initial conversation on the telephone or via Zoom – Free
  • Initial Consultation (1 hr) – £45
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions (1 hr) – £60 if booked and paid for in advance

To enquire, book or find out more:


Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07732 673 197

Online therapy is also available.


The arrangements put in place at Jordans Courtyard to protect us all mean that coming for hypnotherapy sessions is COVID safe.

Professional notes

As a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists (   I have:


  • A Diploma in Solution-focused Hypnotherapy
  • A clear Enhanced DBS check
  • Appropriate indemnity insurance
  • Regular supervision with a qualified Supervisor
  • An obligation to undertake Continuing Professional Development
  • A duty to abide by a strict code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics