Louise Lee MGHT FHT – Sports Massage Therapist

Whether you’re an athlete seeking recovery and performance improvement or someone looking to address chronic pain and muscle tension, sports massage therapy is designed to cater to your unique needs. I specialise in enhancing your physical well-being through targeted soft tissue manipulation.

Sports massage therapy sessions are tailored to four key types: pre-event, post-event, maintenance, and rehabilitation. Each session is a journey toward recovery, utilizing a range of techniques, including the skilled manipulation of soft tissues of the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. The sessions are designed to maximize the healing process, relieve pain, and enhance overall muscle flexibility.

Having a diverse background in various sporting activities, ranging from yoga to wild swimming, I understand the physical demands and potential injuries associated with an active lifestyle. I discovered the benefits of sports massage therapy after having treatments myself and, being motivated by a passion for overall health and well-being, in 2018 I trained and qualified to become a sports massage therapist. I have been practising for the past 6 years and am proud to be an accredited member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and a member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists.

I believe in a holistic approach to health, with mental well-being as crucial as physical fitness. Understanding the intricate connection between the body and mind, I have made mental health a cornerstone of my sports massage therapy sessions.

My appointments are 50 mins long. If you are a new client, please arrive 15 minutes before the appointment start time to allow me time to go through your consultation form with you and discuss any particular areas of concern. Each treatment will be tailored to your specific needs. 

Appointment costs – £65 per session.