Sue Moore

The body is designed for movement. The nerves activate muscles which cause joints to move and so affect the bones, ligaments and tendons. The nervous system regulates all movement to ensure that the body functions efficiently. If there is a problem anywhere within this cycle so the whole system is affected.

This is seen by pain and stiffness within joints which may be there constantly or intermittently. This will affect the surrounding muscles as they try to compensate for the injured joint and may affect the nerves as seen in sciatica.

The cause can be a sudden accident and sports injury or occur over a longer period of time and have multiple causes as seen with poor posture, repetitive activities, stress, poor sleeping positions or sedentary lifestyles.

Treatment is aimed at restoring mobility, relaxing the muscles and restoring normal neurological input to the joints. It is adapted to the problem, age, physical ability and wishes of the patient. This consists of various chiropractic techniques including diversified and Sacro-occipital technique, activator work and joint mobilization techniques.

 In addition dry needling using acupuncture needles, ultrasound therapy, soft tissue work including trigger point therapy and massage.

Exercises with lifestyle and ergonomic advice is given to help patients manage their pain and prevent its recurrence in the future.

I have been a chiropractor for over 18 years working with all age ranges and problems and injuries. As a horse rider, I treat a lot of equestrians, older patients and lower back and neck problems, particularly sciatica as well as repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbow. I also treat animals.


Initial Consultation -£50

Follow up treatments-£36

Contact – phone 07534222031

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