OPTIMISE YOUR LIFE (in and out of the saddle)

Date: 21st October 2023
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Wellness at Jordans
Yoga Workshops
The Riders Programme, founded and run by Bella & Taisie, will be back at Jordans Yoga Barn on October 21st for another workshop focused on horse riders to help build body awareness and mental resilience.  
Following their last sold out Workshop in July, where the feedback included how great it would be for non-riders alike, they would love to extend the invitation for their OPTIMISE YOUR LIFE; IN AND OUT OF THE SADDLE’ workshop to everyone who is interested in becoming more aware of how they move, breath and think to live a more
The key to success in life or in the saddle and firmly backed by science, is understanding how we move our bodies, how we breath and how we respond to our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Bella and Taisie as riders themselves and movement and mindset optimisation fanatics are the perfect duo to help lead you through this.
If you’re someone who struggles with nerves, racing thoughts or negative stories that you tell yourself, feel unbalanced or suffer from pain niggles when in the saddle, or feel stuck in your riding or competition progress and want to get a better handle on how to improve all of these and elevate your riding, then this is the workshop for you.
Bite-size nuggets of valuable take homes that you can start to implement in your daily life and riding straight away. 
This ‘OPTIMISE YOUR LIFE’ Workshop will be a packed-full 90 minutes, focussing completely on yourself so that you can learn how to move, breathe and think optimally, in daily life and also within your chosen sport, be it riding, running, cycling, tennis etc. The principles they apply are relevant to us all – sporting or non-sporting.
There will be hands-on guidance throughout to optimise your alignment to ensure you get the most out of your movements and understand how poses should feel when practicing at home. This feedback was a highlight for those who attended the last workshop.
In order to deliver this to our best, we have kept the numbers of places limited.  It will be a small supportive and inclusive group.  Where you’ll be able to meet other like-minded individuals, discuss your challenges, and ask for feedback. 
Bella and Taisie will be around after the workshop too should you wish to chat to them further in a more intimate conversation concerning a personal query – we are here to help.
They can’t wait to see returning smiles and welcome new faces too!
As a side note, this is not a workshop for people who are wanting a 90 minute flowing yoga session. It is an educational and interactive workshop designed to deliver tangible tools to take home and use in your everyday life.

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