Yoga for Healthy Backs

“You are as old as your spine.” – Chinese proverb

Your spine is an amazing feat of biological engineering, capable of moving in a multitude of ways.

The nervous system extends through the vertebrae, and stiffness in the back can cause problems in other areas of the body. A painful, inflexible back is at best uncomfortable, at worst debilitating, affecting activities of everyday life.

The ‘Yoga for a healthy back’ class is a gentle yoga therapy class aimed at the following:

  • all ages, all shapes and all levels of fitness and yoga experience
  • individuals with back problems are welcome even if unable to sit on the floor.

In each hour long session you will awaken the spine by:

  • relaxing the whole spine
  • developing flexibility and tone of the back and abdomen
  • gently stretching and twisting according to your ability
  • lengthening and extending the spine
  • freeing the pelvis and shoulders
  • developing awareness of your spine and how it can move
  • learning about the psoas muscle and the importance of this for back health and general wellbeing
  • learning how to allow energy to flow through the spine.