‘Karma’ Teens Yoga

We welcome Vanessa to the Yoga Barn for our long awaited teens yoga class.  Suitable for 11-18 years.

Due to Coronavirus we have currently paused this class to support safe school and college return.  We look forward to welcoming you as soon as it is safe to do so.

I have been teaching children and teenagers for over 13 years now and in that time have taught
the sporty and non-sporty and many children with different challenges, both physical and mental.
I believe that through my caring and compassionate nature I am able to help build their
confidence and help equip them with the ‘tools’ to deal with life’s difficulties more easily. So
many children experience severe stress due to family situations, as well as the pressures caused
by our education system.
I have done extra training for Teenagers with Calm for Kids, a Teenage Athletes course with Teen
Yoga to enhance their current training and help to avoid injuries. My adult training is in Hatha
Yoga with the British School of Yoga and I am a member of the Independent Yoga Network and
the Teen Yoga Foundation.
The attention to detail in my teaching comes from my years of practicing Iyengar but my real love
is Vinyasa flow – linking your breath with the flow of going from one posture to the next, bringing
the vital connection between our body and soul, allowing the individual to connect and develop
their own self awareness, grounding and being in the present.
My Teenage classes are structured a little like an adult class with a warm up, a main section,
breath work and a meditation/relaxation. I aim to impart a lot of yoga knowledge throughout the
classes and to help them understand what yoga is and why its such a valuable skill to have. I
help them build up their own ‘tool box’ of skills to learn more self awareness, regulate their
emotions to help them make better choices, build emotional resilience and teaching exam skills
amongst other things! There is a serious side to the classes of course, but at all times I try to keep
it light hearted and fun, doing sequences to music and adding in partner yoga and a few games
from time to time too.
I am excited about my new class at The Yoga Barn and I look forward to welcoming your
wonderful young teenagers to the perfect way to end their school week and prepare for a calmer
weekend with a fun stretchy, de-stressing class!
Namaste !