Pregnancy Yoga

Birthlight Pregnancy yoga from 16 weeks onwards

Classes currently suspended due to coronavirus risk.  We wish you a happy and safe pregnancy.  However, if you are interested in some one to one classes we can put you in contact with our pregnancy yoga teacher but this is not linked to the Yoga Barn in any way.

“conception is a miracle of energy, timing and receptivity” Francoise Freedman – Birthlight Trust

Congratulations! You are pregnant.

During your pregnancy experience, your body will change as it nurtures the new life within you and prepares for birth.  Hormones will surge and you may experience emotional and energetic extremes.

Pregnancy Yoga, taught as developed by the Birthlight Trust, is supported by the Midwifery Councils in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and meets the UK NICE standards for the Normalisation of Birth, 2008.

Every pregnancy and birth is unique.  We understand that it is not always possible for women to experience a birth free from intervention.  However, pregnancy yoga will help you to reduce this risk, enable you to cope, give you the confidence to go with the flow and support your recovery afterwards. On-going medical research into the value of yoga during pregnancy has shown that those who practice are having a higher rate of birthing with minimal intervention and few post-natal problems.

Please be patient if you are only just pregnant and keen to start.  In the early weeks you will need time to rest and allow your pregnancy to establish.  We are happy to offer individual sessions from week 6 to 16 on an individual basis or as part of a bespoke group session.

We encourage all mothers to engage with their GP, midwife and health visitor and read widely to become as informed and empowered as possible.  Developing relationships with your healthcare professionals and other new mothers is an important part of our philosophy.

The aim of the pregnancy yoga sessions is to provide the mother (and partner) with a tool box of suitable yoga practices for maintaining comfort during pregnancy and to help mothers prepare mentally and physically for childbirth.

You will:

  • connect with your baby
  • learn how to work with your baby during pregnancy and birthing
  • help your baby into the optimal position
  • develop an awareness of and encourage elasticity in the pelvic floor muscles
  • learn and practice how to increase the space in your pelvic girdle
  • learn to breath to help “ride” contractions
  • develop intuitive movement that will help with birthing
  • practice birthing and resting positions
  • learn how to sit comfortably at work and minimise discomfort in your pelvis
  • incorporate the benefits of learning to breath with the joy of movement and the stillness of relaxation
  • promote physical fitness and flexibility
  • make new friends and connect with other new mothers (partners can have coffee while they wait!)

The teachers have a wealth of experience between them, one is a retired district nurse and yoga therapist.  The other is a retired midwife and health visitor.  Both are mothers, with six babies between them and birthing stories ranging from hospital deliveries with intervention to home births without. We look forward to welcoming you and your bump.