Teacher profile: Suzy Langdon

“I have been meditating for over 20 years and teaching meditation for nearly five years.  

When you sit and quiet yourself, you slow down and let go of the stress and strains of modern life, this regular practice contributes to finding inner peace.

During this weekly class, we will experience different gateways into meditation including breath, mantra, contemplation, loving-kindness and healing meditation. I teach different gateways because not all practices suit everyone, people generally feel more comfortable with one or another. 

We will look at what meditation is and isn’t, the many benefits to our mental, physical and emotional health and how this flows out into our daily life.

A more compressive understanding of meditation helps us be kinder to ourselves and to persevere as we build up our practice. 

We will also discover how a little mindfulness in our daily life can help reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm leading to the promotion of more positive feelings on a daily basis.

Each week I will lead you through a deeply relaxing meditation, encouraging stress reduction, resilience and a general calming of the body and mind. We need inner stillness to experience deep relaxation, this is when our bodies own healing mechanism is at its most efficient.  

Being supported by an experienced teacher who can answer questions and give reassurance when building a regular meditation practice is very helpful.”

Suzy Langdon