KETTLERCISE is a body transformation, toning and WEIGHT LOSS system. Kettlebells are used for strength, power and bodybuilding types of training, both are very different.
The two main differences between Kettlebell training and KETTLERCISE:
The weight of the Kettlebell that is being used and the duration that the Kettlebell is being used for in each exercise (e.g. reps) Kettlercise ® is THE single most effective Kettlebell FAT BURNING exercise class, that uses the BSM method (Blood Shunting method) and is designed to reshape and sculpt the body like never before. It uses smaller Kettlebell weights for ladies 2kg to 8kg and for men 4kg to 10kg and uses 37 blood pumping Kettlebell exercises in a set class routine that works for every major and minor muscle group, it’s the only exercise class that gives participants a complete body workout. It’s a high volume, moderate-intensity program. Suitable for all abilities and allows people to work at their own pace it is a none stop program that blitzes CALORIES and blasts the fat whilst improving our fitness.
Cardiovascular endurance: this means getting the heart rate in a particular zone and keeping it there. We do this in KETTLERCISE by using a weight that a participant can use consistently without stopping, the heart rate may peak at times but should fall between 60-85% max heart rate.
Muscular Endurance: this means using the muscles consistently without them fatiguing for an extended period of time. In KETTLERCISE we use whole body and isolation movements to build a solid foundation of muscular endurance.
Muscular Strength: means producing force through a particular movement for example a Kettlebell swing. To get the best out of your kettlercise workout you should be looking to progress with your Kettlebell weight with the guidance of your instructor Being able to complete the workout perfectly with a 4kg may mean it’s time to increase your strength and move onto a 6kg weight.
Flexibility: this means moving the body and its joints through a full range of motion. In KETTLERCISE you will be encouraged to do just that…no half reps! Always ensure that you complete all exercises with a full range of movement before increasing your weight.
Body Composition: this is the ratio of muscle to fat. A high level of fat is not good for us, it brings an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Each KETTLERCISE workout burns an abundance of calories and builds lean muscle, combined with a healthy diet this is the perfect workout for blitzing fat and keeping it off for good.